Our Services

Our core service areas include to ensure material and equipment availability, for production quality and plant safety mainly as below : .

  • Provisions
  • Deck,Cabin & Engine Stores
  • Medical Supplies
  • Technical, Safety Equipment & Support Services
  • Marine Services
  • AGO, Lubricants & Chemical Products
  • Fire Protection & Safety Equipment

  • Provisions We have wide range of products from frozen meat and seafood, frozen vegetables, tin and bottled products, cold drinks and juices, water, dry stores, vegetables and fruits (fresh), kitchen and household wares etc.



    Deck,Cabin & Engine Stores We supply deck, cabin and engine stores. We have life boats, chains and anchors, fire extinguishers, life rafts and engine spare parts. .



    Medical Supplies The health need of those on board been important is an understatement. As such we boast of a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical supplies to the shipping industry to take care of those on board.




    Technical, Safety Equipment & Support Services We can provide safety and technical support materials to ships.



    Marine Services We have access to and manage vessels and boats of different categories for hire by the offshore industry. Tug boats, work/supply and crew boats, barges etc. We also have reefers/refrigerated containers for hire in 20” and 40” sizes..



    AGO, Lubricants & Chemical Product We supply AGO in metric tons to offshore facilities and ships. We also supply lubricants, marine gas oil (MGO), chemical products, protective paints and coating products.





    Fire Protection & Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment such as Protective Clothing & Gear, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Fall Protection, Respirators, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Hazmat Boots & Boot Covers. Fire Protection such as Fire Extinguishers (Manual), Monitors, Nozzles Life Safety Equipment such as Life Rafts, Life Floats, Life Jackets, Work Vests