Our Policies

Health and Safety Policy

We are committed to complying with Health and Safety regulations; comply with and refine our health and safety management system, pursuing active support and co-operation from all employees and contracted staff, based on the principal of continual improvement.


The policy will be accomplished by:

Applying a risk based approach to setting health and safety objectives which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound as part of our overall business strategy;


Investing in competent management by developing all of our employees through the provision of training, instruction and information, which provides them with the competence to discharge their personal responsibilities in a safe, reliable and professional manner;


Providing workplaces, plant, equipment, materials, substances and systems of work that contribute towards a safe and healthy environment for our employees, suppliers and visitors;

Collecting, analyzing and comparing health and safety performance information internal to the SKIVAM and externally with industry at large;


Auditing, monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of this policy and implementing improvements where required.


SKIVAM LTD Executive Board is totally committed to this policy and ensure that risk to health and safety of everyone who comes into contact with our operations is as low as reasonably practicable.


Each member of staff is accountable for reinforcing and delivering the requirements of this policy; their line managers are responsible for implementing high standards of health and safety performance in their areas of the business; all employees are responsible for co-operating with these health and safety requirements. We entrust our policy to all our employees, and look to their support and professionalism in making this policy truly effective in undertaking duties on behalf of SKIVAM LIMITED.



Our commitment to protecting the environment ensures that all operations are conducted in a responsible manner and in compliance with applicable safety regulations and environmental laws. We continuously strive to be good neighbour  in all the communities we operate. 



  • To foster environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • To manage waste by utilizing waste minimization methods.
  • To promote conversation and use environmental friendly products
  • To maintain procedures that reduces the risk of accidental spills, emission and discharges
  • To maintain adequate procedures for responding to environmental disasters
  • To train employees to conserve resources, minimize waste and work efficiently and safely with respect for environmental protection